Unbelievable Cigarette Volley Into Mouth

Dude 1 tosses cigarette to dude 2. Dude 2 volleys cigarette back up to dude 1. Dude 1 catches cigarette in mouth. Initiate victory jig.

Benjamin Nuttall – age 18, born in Portsmouth, studying Economics at Bristol University – showed me this video. Happy Ben? You’ve wasted everyone’s time, well done.

Sorry about that.

Tom Moyes, Omar Kobbacy and Nick Hammond are the real heroes of this video.

It’s pretty fvcking unbelievable.

I feel like I’m abusing my powers slightly, promoting a friend of a friend’s video, but I shouldn’t feel guilty at all because if any of us had stumbled upon this online we’d share it with you in a second. In fact, for stuff like this it’s better that I do know (kinda) the guys that made it, because I can tell you with 100% confidence that this is 100% real. No camera tricks, no cheating set ups, no devoting weeks filming endless failed attempts until they finally get that one good shot.

This one is just a decent helping of skill and an humongous dollop of pure fluke.

The plot is pretty simple: dude 1 tosses a cigarette to dude 2, standing 7 feet in front of him, dude 2 VOLLEYS THE CIGARETTE back at dude 1 at the perfect height and weight and somehow even gets the degree of rotation bang on so that the cigarette is going straight into dude 1’s mouth, filter first, and dude one keeps his composure and catches it between his lips flawlessly. Initiate victory jig.

Off. The. Chain.

(Heads up, there’s no sound until a loud blast of cheering at the end, so don’t crunk those speakers and get deafened.)

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