The Unabomber Has Re-Emerged Via An Extremely Bizarre Handwritten Letter


He’s back.

Remember the Unabomber? You might be too young to remember him, but he was a guy that used to send mail bombs to organisations whose political ideologies didn’t quite match his own.

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He operated from 1978 to 1996 and killed 3 people and injured 28 via his mail bombs. He was arrested in his Montana cabin via a very public manhunt and then sentenced to life imprisonment. His name is Ted Kaczynski.

Following his jail sentence, most people thought that this was probably going to be the last we ever heard of the guy and for a long time it was, until he decided to re-emerge today via a bizarre hand written letter. Check this out:

Weird right, but lets give it a bit of context. Ted is referring to the fact that his brother David recently released a tell all back about his life growing up and what he and his family went through when it was revealed that Ted was the Unabomber. In it, David states that Ted is mentally ill and this may have been the result of some questionable psychological tests conducted by Henry Murray on him from 1959 – 1962.

Clearly, the Unabomber himself wants to get his side of the story over and prove to everyone that he’s not mentally ill, and has apparently sent these handwritten notes to a bunch of his favoured journalists who he’s dealt with over the past 20 years he’s been incarcerated in an effort to prove this to everyone. Not sure if it’s going to work, but it obviously means a lot to him if he’s willing to send out weird letters like this to try and clear things up – I suppose it’s important to him that everyone knows that he sent those mail bombs to people because he’s completely weird, not because he was mentally ill?

Strange, but I suppose there isn’t much else going on when you’e been in jail for the last 20 years. Might as well focus on something.

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