Watch This Ultra Intense Footage Of A Police Officer Being Deliberately Run Over By A Stolen Car

police car hit

Brutal footage

This is pretty messed up. The fact that we are even able to see this footage at all is probably a result of America’s recent spate of incidents involving police unlawfully shooting black people like this. This has nothing to do with that however, simply a police officer just doing his job.

The shocking footage below shows a suspect deliberately ramming her vehicle into a police car at high speed, with an officer standing next to it:

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The incident unfolded on Friday in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, when police were alerted to a stolen vehicle from a car company. Police officers eventually spotted the car in question, but the driver wouldn’t pull over and it resulted in a five-mile police chase that was nothing like the slowest in history, OJ Simpson’s. 

When the suspect, identified as 41-year-old Stacy Ann Bunsey, tried to turn around and escape the scene, patrol officer Matt Stacy got out of his vehicle to try to set up a tire spike to stop the stolen car.

Deputy Chief Mike Carter said in a press release:

It was approximately three seconds after standing up outside his vehicle that the suspect rammed his patrol unit.

When the officer saw that the suspect was coming at him, he abandoned the plan to retrieve the tire spikes and instead drew his weapon, not knowing of the suspect’s intention to hurt or kill him.

The footage from the police body-cam captures the moment of impact as well as Stacy firing at the vehicle in defence.

Stacey Ann Bunsey had to be tasered and removed from the vehicle and now faces four felony counts, including: assaulting a police officer, eluding a police officer, driving under the influence and possession of a stolen vehicle as well as a misdemeanour count of evading arrest.

officer and suspect

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Wow, look at the state of her huh? No wonder she stole a car and tried to run over a police officer – she probably didn’t even know what planet she was on by the looks of things.

Amazingly, the officer only suffered minor injuries. This seems incredible considering the speed of the impact, the amount of time the officer seems to be rolling for as well as the fact that he does all ofthis with a gun in his hand.

Very lucky indeed, a bit like this cyclist.


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