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Who doesn’t love a good tattoo? Who doesn’t love a shit tattoo for that matter?

Surely you all remember our feature on Synyster Ink – The Worst Tattooist On The Planet, well instead of writing about some more shitty tattoos that just make us depressed to be part of a human race that thinks doing that kinda stuff is acceptable, we’ve found some pretty ‘better than average’ 3D tattoos that aren’t your ordinary run of the mill stars or sleeves or ‘PUNX’ tattoos that every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to have these days. Yeah admittedly I would never get any of these myself because I think they all look really shit, as do most tattoos, but I can appreciate that the people who have got them have all thought ‘out of the box’ and decided to get something that’s just a little bit less cringe than the Alkaline Trio tattoo you got when you were 15.

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Check em out:

3D Tattoo 1

3D Tattoo 2

3D Tattoo 3

3D Tattoo 4

3D Tattoo 5

3D Tattoo 6

3D Tattoo 7

3D Tattoo 8

3D Tattoo 9

3D Tattoo 10

3D Tattoo 11

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