VIDEO: Ukrainian Football Player Saves Opponent’s Life After Brutal Collision

Oleh Husyev of Dynamo Kiev receives an accidental knee to the face and goes down in a heap. Thankfully one of his opponents rushed to his aid and saved his life.

During this match in the Ukrainian Premier League, Oleh Husyev of Dynamo Kiev received an inadvertent knee to the face from Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk keeper Denys Boyko, and hit the ground clearly worse for wear.

Dnipro midfielder Jaba Kankava rushed to Husyev’s side and stuck his fingers into his mouth, having noticed that his tongue was blocking his airway. Who knows how the situation would have turned out if he wasn’t so quick to react? Massive respect to Kankava and we hope Husyev is OK.

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Watch below:

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