Porn In The UK Is About To Be Ruined Forever Thanks To The ‘4 Finger Law’

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Say no to the UK porn ban.

UK porn has been in trouble for some time, with the government constantly fast forwarding legislation under the radar of the people so that nobody opposes it.

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They still seem to be doing this, despite the fact that there are much bigger issues that need to be discussed, and now they’re currently trying to rush through a little known clause to a bill known as the ‘four finger law’. It would basically ensure that under BBFC (British Board Of Film Classification), a whole load of ‘unconventional’ sex acts would be banned from being accessed over here. These acts include spanking, female ejaculation, the sight of menstrual blood, the penetration of any object associated with violence, any sexual act deemed obscene under a law and the four finger law itself, which limits the number of fingers that can be placed in an orifice.

Whilst all of that stuff might not be everyone’s bag, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not exactly offensive and people should probably be allowed to watch it if they so choose. That might not be the case soon if the Digital Economy Bill – which is being debated this week and receiving very little mainstream news coverage – is passed. Write to your MP or sign a petition or something.

The video below is a pretty stupid portrayal of what the future could be like if all ‘non conventional’ sex videos are indeed banned from being viewed, made to try and help the UK out with our current predicament by raising awareness of it from Australian crew Racka Racka. Thanks guys:

OK, so that was ridiculous, but 300,000 people have watched it who probably didn’t know about the problems currently facing the UK porn industry. Go sign a petition or something before it’s too late.

If you want to know more about the Digital Economy Act and how it can affect your life – not just via the porn you watch – then click here. There’s a whole lot of other stuff that’s going to change.


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