Uber Driver Pulls Gun On Passenger To Stop Him Puking In His $75,000 Lexus

Finally, Uber drivers are standing up for themselves.

Finally, an Uber driver who stands up for himself… even if it did result in his arrest.

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67-year-old Patrick McDonald was charged with aggravated assault and misdemeanour battery for what went down in his Uber car in Florida this week.

Patrick had picked Shane Fabry, 27, and one other passenger at around 8pm and according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office:

Fabry had felt unwell, and asked the driver to pull the car over ‘in the event that he began to vomit’. But when McDonald stopped, Fabry told him he was feeling better and no longer felt he would throw up — but the driver still insisted he get out of the car. The affidavit states ‘the defendant told the victim that he needed to get out the car and that he was not to throw up’ in his $75,000 vehicle.


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Patrick then exited the car and tried to pull Fabry out by the arm:

Fabry said he told McDonald he would get out and the driver did not need to physically force him. He told authorities McDonald then took on an ‘aggressive fighting stance’ before reaching into the driver’s side of the car and pulling out a black semi-automatic handgun.

Patrick admits grabbing the gun but denies pointing it at anyone. He says he only pulled it out because he feared for his life. When police asked why he was afraid, he said the passengers had been talking about “sticking dicks in his ear” (seriously).


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I’m on the Uber driver’s side on this one. I mean obviously it’s not cool to pull a gun out on someone but still – puking is disgusting. It’s also infuriating when it happens inside your car and your livelihood depends on that car being clean at all times. Patrick McDonald couldn’t take any chances here.

At the same time, bit of a questionable move using your $75k car as an Uber, especially if you’re picking up crews of drunk people. Someone’s going to puke eventually.


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