An Uber Driver Has Decided To Offer Customers A Conversation Menu For Their Trip

Uber Driver

What kind of conversation do you want?

There’s no denying that Uber has fundamentally changed the way we get from A to B now that the hassle or ringing, ordering and waiting for a taxi has been eliminated, but it’s also changed the way that taxi drivers interact with their clients as suddenly they’re getting way more of them and way more personality types to deal with all the time – and that can get a little complicated.

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We’re all familiar with Uber rides I think and we all know that there are those types of drivers who really love talking to people and those that just do not give a shit and just want to get you to your destination ASAP and get you hell out. With that in mind, one driver named George from Seattle decided to offer up the following menu for everyone who got into his car, so they could choose exactly what kind of Uber driver they received:

I mean that’s a great idea isn’t it and certainly a better way to approach the potential banana skin of a cab ride than just stumbling in all drunk being like ‘can I sit in the front mate’ and waiting to see if the guy rolls his eyes or beckons you in. Think how much higher my Uber rating – and yours – would be if every cab driver gave you one of these as you entered their vehicle. Hell, even let them tick off what kind of ride they’re feeling so you know how to play it as well. Total game changer.

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