Uber Driver Charges £18,500 For A Five Mile Journey


Bit of a miscalculation there mate.

One of the great things about Uber is that you don’t even really know how much you’ve paid for your journey because it just comes straight out of your account and you don’t need to worry about it at all. Maybe that’s dangerous but a lot of the time it’s just easier to not know these things sometimes.

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Except in this situation, when a guy got charged £18,500 for his Uber trip even though it was only five miles. That’s a bit of a miscalculation there mate.

This all went down in Toronto, Canada, when the guy got in the Uber for the five mile ride which should have taken 20 minutes and cost around $15. Instead he ended up being charged $18, 518.50.

He obviously ended up disputing this but Uber refused to back down and so he was left kinda messed up, especially just before Christmas. I mean he could have bought a car and driven it home for that price and probably still had a bunch of change left over. Absolutely scandalous.

Damn son. Of course, Uber eventually admitted that they had screwed everything up and offered him a full refund. Phew – here’s their full statement:

There was an error here and it has been resolved. We have provided a full refund to this rider and apologised to him for this experience.

We have safeguards in place to help prevent something like this from happening, and we are working to understand how this occurred.

Yeah I mean in fairness to them this doesn’t exactly happen all the time with them but it’s still one hell of a mistake to make. Would love to know how they tried to explain it.

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