Live TV Poker Game Halted After Two Queen Of Clubs Cards Are Dealt In The Same Flop

Wait, what?!

Imagine you’re playing for a £5000 pot in a televised poker game, going up against some of the finest poker players in the world… and two of the same cards come out in the flop.

That’s what occurred on the second day of the Super High Rollers Cash poker game in Las Vegas this week:

The most incredible thing is that none of these guys — some of the best in the world at poker — even noticed. I guess that’s how improbable and ridiculous a situation it is — their brains just didn’t register what happened at all because it’s something they’ve probably never seen before or thought they’d ever see.

In the end the hand was voided and the bets returned to each of the players before the decks were changed and the game continued.

Not as bad as where the dealer messed up the river card and ended up giving this guy’s opponent the miracle card he needed to win. Brutal.


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