Watch These Two MMA Fighters Knock Each Other Out At The Same Time

Double Knockout


There’s nothing like scoring a knockout against your opponent in MMA – but you’ve got to be conscious yourself in order to appreciate it and register the victory.

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Unfortunately for Tyler Bryan and Shaun Parker in the clip below though, neither of them were. The two fighters were both making their professional debuts at a Legends Of Fighting event in Indianapolis a few years ago when the unthinkable happened.

Both of the fighters connected with knockout punches at the same time, meaning that they were both laid out on the floor unable to continue:

Lol – what a ridiculous ending to a fight. Neither of them were able to continue and the contest was ruled a no contest.

Parker went on to fight a bit afterwards but doesn’t seem to have done anything since 2008 and Bryan doesn’t seem to have done much at all in the sport. Safe to say that this is the crowning achievement within MMA for both of them. To be fair it would be pretty hard to top, wouldn’t it?

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