VIDEO: Two Cops Nearly Mown Down In Mad Foam Storm In Oz

Australian Foam Storm Queensland - Town

Oz is currently reveling in a spate of weird weather action. Next up – a sea foam invasion. Anyway, funny video of cops nearly getting hit by a hidden car…

Australian Foam Storm Queensland - Town

I wrote a post about the mental dust storm that recently hit west coast Australia recently, I mentioned in that piece the incredibly high temperatures some places had been getting – up to 50 degrees C. I also mentioned the imminent threat of a cyclone. All in all, they’re having a pretty bonkers time with their atmosphere at the moment. And now, in Queensland, they’ve been visited by an incredibly bemusing wall of foam that’s been liberally jazzing over huge areas of their coast line.

Australian Foam Storm Queensland - Traffic Light

Apparently a cyclone hit the north east of Oz, whipped the sea into a frothy frenzy and then puked it up all over the coast. It’s harmless, just a minor inconvenience, but everyone looks like they are having a right royal knees up about it all the same.

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It’s kind of like when the south of England gets snow, everyone goes silly for a few hours and reverts back to childhood. Everyone is friends for a moment, strangers smile at each other between the flurry of flakes. Maybe our primitive brains interpret the pure, pristine white downfall as divine? No, it’s more likely to be the beautiful prospect of a day off work that brings us together me thinks.

Australian Foam Storm Queensland - Beach House

Australian Foam Storm Queensland 1

This is a pretty funny video of a couple of Ozzy coppers nearly getting mowed down by an idiot in a car emerging from the foam with blatant disregard for good sense:

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