Two Brummies Take On Martial Arts Expert In Road Rage Brawl; Instantly Regret It

Big mistake.

You just can’t beat watching wannabe fighters being served justice by trained professionals and with that in mind, the video below is an absolute treat.

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The video was taken in Birmingham, where two men took on a third guy during a road rage incident. Little did they know that the person they chose to fight with is a martial arts expert and you can see their rage turn to regret as the third guy dishes out some specialists kicks before ending with a finishing knock out.

As one commenter put it:

When a guy starts standing like Bruce Lee, walk away and see another day.

Police are now looking into the incident which went down on September 2nd outside a branch of Heron Foods and McDonald’s at the Bell Shopping Centre on Bristol Road. Luckily no one went away with any major injuries, except from some seriously bruised egos.

While we’re on the topic, here’s why you should never try to mug an MMA fighter.


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