Twitter Users Tell Us About The Times They Were Blocked By Celebs



Getting blocked on social media is essentially one of the modern day rites of passage and whilst it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a complete dickhead, it’s a definite indicator that you’ve managed to effect somebody’s life to the point that they never want to read anything you have to say ever again. A feature we would love to have IRL, were it not for the terrifying White Christmas episode of Black Mirror, Season 3 to ward us away from that idea completely. 


When you think about it, it’s actually kind of impressive. Congratulations on making it to the block list. There are an indefinite amount of things you could say online to amount to this lowly status, whether you’re “helpfully” pointing out somebody’s grammatical flaws or merely giving someone with a terrible opinion a constant wordy barrage of why exactly they are wrong and need to delete themselves from the face of the World Wide Web. Occasionally, prolific social media users and celebs will flat out ignore your advances but more often than not will jump into a public row before ultimately hitting the big ‘B’ button.

Getting blocked by your real life buds can be more than a tad upsetting but being shafted by famous idiots on the internet ain’t no biggie and the reasons why can be pretty funny. We spoke to a number of Twitter users to find out how they managed to get blocked by the big names.

Gina Daniel



Lifestyle blogger and copywriter Gina Daniel was blocked last year by Piers Morgan after tweeting him saying “would you ever just fuck off?” at him. She says it was her crowning moment of 2016.

Joe Goulcher



Social media expert and all round funny guy Joe Goulcher was not only blocked by the notorious Katie Hopkins for whatever reason (“assuming its cos I’ve got ‘jew’ in my bio”) but also by ‘Scrubs’ star Zach Braff after calling him out on setting up a Kickstarter campaign to launch his upcoming film. And rightly so, that guy is rich as hell with all the contacts in LA – what’s he crowdsourcing funds for?

Ashleigh Kane



Dazed’s Arts and Culture editor Ashleigh Kane knows her shit, so when she called out ‘X Factor’ trashpile Honey G for completely butchering a cover performance of Tupac’s California Loveit must have truly hit a nerve as she instantly got blocked.

“Tupac was my first love and I was just devastated. I think she must have just spotted it and I was blocked immediately. It’s not the most exciting story but I’m actually super proud of it and I think Tupac would be too!”

Elijah Daniel

After spending the first day of the year tweeting about how various YouTubers, including “rapey troll doll” Sam Pepper, are genuinely absolute garbage, comedian and Donald Trump hater Elijah Daniel managed to get blocked by the terrible prankster. Pretty good going if you ask me.

Jack Qu’emi



Writer and activist Jack Qu’emi was imminently blocked by Le1f after calling the rapper out for being transphobic. Clearly they ended up sensing some form of remorse as they swiftly removed the offensive tweets and ended up unblocking. Pff.

Tiffany Maddox


Award winning filmmaker and social media strategist Tiff Maddox was once blocked by Jenna Jameson after she, “called her cheap for not paying postage on a t-shirt contest.” She also told us that her ex got blocked by Chris Brown after he called him a woman beater – classic.

Alex Ogden



After casually tweeting about Russell Kane’s shite sense of humour, Alex Ogden found herself blocked a while later after the comedian obviously searched himself through the internet. Clearly he was a little bit butthurt over this as he responded with a salty, “what’s not funny is how much you clearly hate yourself and your body.”

What a lamewad.

Jamie Smart

Apparently if you even slightly call out Dapper Laughs on his bullshit then he blocks you – it’s happened to illustrator Jamie Smart as well as many others. Whatever gets him to sleep at night I guess.

Will Langston



A few years back whilst raging during ‘The Apprentice’ final 5 interviews, student Will Langston completely went off. His, “sew your ball sack back together, baldy,” tweet aimed at Claude Littner unfortunately ended in blockage. No word on whether or not he went through with the op.

Jack Bailey



Not technically a celebrity encounter but our mate Jack Bailey was blocked from ever liking or commenting on the UNILAD Facebook page after he outed them for creating clickbait articles about sponsored products without mentioning that they were being paid by the companies themselves, which was pretty fucking sneaky. He says, “some have called me the Ed Snowden of LADs”.

If only there were a celebrity version of ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ where they faced their angsty Twitter followers and talked out their problems existed, then… actually nah, that’d be terrible.



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