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When Twitter exploded on to the social networking scene I can’t stress how reluctant I was to follow this trend. To me, it all seemed a little too self-indulgent. Do I care about my friends’ current opinions on everything? Not really. Do I care about what celebrities like Kim Kardashian are doing ever? I really don’t.

That being said, I slowly realised that Twitter is a very facile way to access information on just about anything. And in a world where we want everything now, Twitter has become an integral part of our modern lifestyles. My love for twitter was cemented this morning when I stumbled across the following hash-tag: “you owe me head”.

Yes, some genius in his infinite wisdom has created a hash-tag that justifies why he feels he deserves fellatio. In the past 24 hours hundreds of other oral sex deprived individuals have also tweeted about this topic, trending the hash tag #youowemehead

Now please do not think this is a form of macho/sexist bullshit as I would say that at least half of the tweets are from women. In just 140 characters individuals can bring their own style, content and humour to the same theme. It seems that Twitter brings people from all over the world together and provides them with a playing field to be as ridiculous as they like.

Here are a few of my favourite tweets so far:

“Bitch I took your ugly ass out in public #youowemehead

“I texted you first #youowemehead

“I bought you dinner…..You didn’t finish it #youowemehead

“____, shoulders, knees and toes #youowemehead

“You wait til im concrete rock hard , to tell me you on yo – ….#youowemehead

“I came all the way over here and you sleepy ? #youowemehead

“Remember That Time I Lent You A Pencil & You Never Gave It Back#YouOweMeHead

“If i smile at you #youowemehead

“Gas cost to much for me to come ur house and not fvck!!!!!!!!#YouOweMeHead””

“i followed you back . #YouOweMeHead

“chick at the micky d window forgot my apple pies #youowemehead

“International’s Women’s Day .. #YouOweMeHead

“This babe calling me this early morning….if i should pause this PS game to answer ya call #youowemehead

“i gave u a dollar #youowemehead

“Give you a piece of gum #youowemehead

You can check it out for yourself here:!/search/youowemehead



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