This Twitter Thread Explains Why The #NotAllMen Trending Is A Major Problem Following The Death Of Sarah Everard

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Over the last 24 hours, the whole country has been pretty much captivated in the worst possible way by the story surrounding the murder of Sarah Everard. As we all know, she was abducted on her way home in a well lit area on a main road over the weekend and subsequently murdered. RIP.

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Everard’s murder provoked a furious reaction amongst many women who chose to share their experiences on various forms of social media, detailing how pretty much every woman ever has been subject to some form of sexual assault at at least one point in their life, with many facing multiple incidents over multiple years from multiple different men, both strangers and former friends/colleagues. They were quite rightly questioning why this was such a problem in the year 2021 and they were forced to take measures such as walking home at night with their keys clenched between their knuckles to make sure that nothing happened to them.

However, as is so often the case with these things it provoked the worst reaction in those it was seeking to educate as the #NotAllMen began trending on Twitter with many men explaining that they weren’t themselves hand’t engaged in problematic behaviour, so that it was wrong for women to be tarring all men with this brush. So many people were involved with this take on events that it was doing more numbers than the original tweets that inspired it.

I don’t presume to speak for these women, but I thought that this Twitter thread eloquently described why this was a major problem and how men such as myself can never truly understand what it’s like to be a woman and to be terrified of sexual assault almost 24/7 and why it’s important that me do something to modify their behaviour.  I think it’s important that more people read comments/threads such as these and take them on board rather than doing everything they can to try and silence them under a rhetoric of ‘this doesn’t apply to me’ so here it is:

That’s it. Don’t really want or need to add anything else there as it should all be clear after reading that.Not even gonna put a link at the end of this one. Go back and read it again.


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