A Twitter Employee Deactivated Donald Trump’s Account On His Last Day Of Work

Trump Deactivated

Give the guy a Nobel Prize already.

As far as last day at work pranks go, I don’t think anyone can ever beat the guy in this article, who decided to deactivate Donald Trump’s Twitter account on his last day of work at the company. What an absolute hero.

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Trump’s account went down for 11 minutes early this morning and people were absolutely stoked about it, saying that the former employee deserved a Nobel Prize for services to the country. Take a look:

So awesome, although obviously a shame that it couldn’t have lasted longer/forever. Unfortunately, Trump was back online after a brief hiatus with Twitter announcing that it was indeed down to an employee who was enjoying their last day with the company.

No word on whether it was a malicious swipe at Twitter for firing him or whether he just thought it was jokes as he was moving on to bigger and better things, but you can bet someone is gonna track him down and get his story before long. Can’t wait.

Trump himself eventually acknowledged the brief closure of his account with the following typically bizarre tweet:

Say what? I like the way he calls them a rogue employee sure, but what’s he talking about ‘the word’ and ‘having an impact’? Surely he’s had the biggest negative impact of a President in living memory, is that not obvious to the guy? He’s seriously living in dreamworld.

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