TV Presenter Turned Prostitute Gets Fired Because ‘Punters Couldn’t Handle Her’

Extreme moonlighting.

A woman named Senada Nurkic, or by her stage name Maca Diskrecia, has been fired from her TV job after she revealed details about her second profession working as a prostitute on air.

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Nurkic caused outrage in Bosnia, where prostitution is illegal, after she made comments on a women’s chat show saying that her punters couldn’t handle her. She added that prostitution was a job like any other paying profession and that she was not ashamed:

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Sometimes I think that I am sick for loving sex that much. And I think that I am a nymphomaniac.

I have to sell my body in order to survive, and to help them (her family) with money. I don’t see anything wrong in doing it.


However, despite her lack of shame, a spokesman for the Pink channel, which broadcasts The Mighty Program, said that the show had been cancelled following her comments. He said:

Although the show was of an entertainment character without any intention to insult or humiliate anyone, and had good ratings, the management of the station made a decision to stop transmitting it.

The reason is numerous complaints from the viewers who think the show doesn’t belong on national TV.

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I’m sure you’re all worried about what Nurkic is going to do now. But don’t fret, as she’s still got her job working as a prostitute. She’s also dating a politician, so she’s not freaking out about getting arrested. Although the politician might want to watch his back – that’s got scandal written all over it.


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