This TV Presenter’s Worst Nightmare Was Realised During Live Gym Session (VIDEO)


Lycra can be so unforgiving.

A TV presenter has suffered the ultimate wardrobe malfunction during a live gym session.

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Ebru Salli, a television personality from Turkey, was performing a standard exercise routine with a couple of fitness fans on the set. However, as she made it to the ab routine, the lycra proved to be a huge mistake as Salli revealed way too much of herself for the camera.

The cameraman really didn’t do the poor girl any favours there. Or maybe he knew exactly what he was doing – got to get them ratings up right?

Since making its way onto YouTube, the clip has been viewed more than 400,000 times. I guess everyone just loves to see people get humiliated live on TV. You’re lying if you pretend that you don’t.


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