TV Presenter Dan Lobb Live Tweets EasyJet Crew Being Thrown Off Flight For Fighting

EasyJet Captain

We know EasyJet isn’t exactly the best airline, but this is a first.

EasyJet is well known for being a budget no frills airline, but it’s a first when two of the cabin crew get thrown off the plane and not the passengers.

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Luckily, TV presenter Dan Lobb was on the flight from Gatwick to Belfast where the crew members became involved in a disagreement and was able to live tweet the whole thing. A real first, as Dan Lobb says:

Nice swipe at Corbs there mate, but I suppose you have to give the guy a break after he’s been sat on a plane for over an hour waiting for it to take off whilst two members of the cabin crew have some dumb argument about water bottles and how they’re stacked properly? I mean why would anyone even give a fuck about this in the first place and why would you not just back down and do what the other guy wanted so as to not piss everyone off? It’s stacking a water bottle FFS. I suppose this is EasyJet though so we should probably expect it.

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