When was the last time you skinned up on an MP3?

The worst part of collecting records is dealing with the fact that no one gives a shit. You just want people to have a gaze through your shelves and be impressed for a bit that you have a Moondog album, but it never happens. If you go anywhere with an Ipod , everyone will go through it inspecting the music that cost you nothing and took you no longer than a Google search to find but does anyone come round your house and ask if you’ve got Nico’s The Marble Index?

Not really.

I have got The Marble Index and I don’t play it because it cost too much money and it doesn’t even sound that good. Which leaves me thinking, what exactly is the point?

This is why I love Turntable Asylum which is one guy who has obviously given up on anyone taking an interest in his records and is now sharing it online whether you like it or not. Turntable Asylum manages to be a celebration of the lost art of the LP sleeve which you’re probably bored of hearing old gits go on about (they’re right, you’re wrong) but check this if you need any convincing

And if you’re still in any doubt over which is the better format, when was the last time you skinned up on an mp3?



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