A $ex tape twenty years old featuring Tupac getting a BJ has suddenly surfaced.

After the Outlawz recently claimed that they smoked up Tupac’s ashes and had a session following his funeral, TMZ reported today that a $ex tape that is almost twenty years featuring Tupac scoring a blow job off some chick has now surfaced. Now, don’t get too excited as unfortunately Sick Chirpse doesn’t have a link to it (yet), in fact nobody does as TMZ are stating that the guy who showed it to them is planning to sell it somehow in the near future. Yeah, I’m sure people would pay money to see Tupac get a blow job.

The details of the video itself are pretty hilarious though which is why I decided to chirpse it. It basically sounds like the equivalent of a really bad rap video back from the early 90’s but with some oral $ex thrown in too. Hey, give them a break, this was before rap had Juggalos yo!

Anyway, the video begins in a house party with a bunch of groupies hanging out in a living room, doing whatever goes on at house parties in California in 1991. So I guess dancing and drinking and smoking crack or whatever. Tupac then enters the living room topless with his pants around his ankles just wearing some gold chains. Baller.

Tupac grabs one of the groupies and pulls her towards his junk and she goes to work. While she’s doing this, an unreleased Tupac song is playing in the background which he starts lip syncing along to and wiggling his hips around to, which sounds really funny and kinda like he was spun out on crack or something.

Further evidence of this is supplied by the fact he’s got a cocktail in one hand and a blunt in the other. Sounds like my kinda party yo! Or at least something that could go down at the Gathering of the Juggalos. But I mean you have got to admit that it does sound like a really bad music video. Maybe this is just some awesome promo for the release of a new Tupac song, kinda like when that new Nirvana song came out. Only without an awesome $ex tape as part of the promo.

The music video, sorry $ex tape, continues with Money B, a member from Digital Underground walking over to Tupac whilst the groupie is still going to work on his shaft and Tupac puts his arm around him as he keeps on singing and wiggling his hips while he continues to get sucked off. That’s exactly the kind of thing that happens in dumb rap videos. Except maybe the blow job part.

Anyway, nothing much else happens in the video but it sounds pretty funny. Hopefully it’ll surface soon though and we can check it out. Although I’m not really sure if I want to check it out. I think maybe the funniest thing about it though is just that Tupac used to walk around house parties in the buff and nobody gave a crap, not even Money B. I mean seriously, if that was my house party Tupac would be getting his ass thrown out, not a blow job!

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