Tuba Player Massively Trolls The KKK By Playing Comedy Songs During One Of Their Marches

KKK Marchers Trolled Tuba Player

This is definitely one way to undermine their message.

Some members of the KKK took to the streets of South Carolina over the weekend to protest against the current backlash in the country about the Confederate flag and the connotations about it that are currently going around the country. It seems like their tactic to do this was to march around the streets draped in Confederate flags, which probably made their point fairly clear and made everyone else watching them think they were complete idiots.

One guy walking down the street thought he would make them look like even bigger idiots than they already did though – and also completely undermine what they were protesting about – by grabbing his tuba and soundtracking their march with some of the dumbest comedy music you will ever hear for when people are trying to be serious. His name was Matt Buck and he’s absolutely killed it here, busting out some classics like March Of The Valkyries and making the KKK look stupider than ever in the process.

If anyone even thought about taking their stupid protest seriously then hopefully Matt’s soundtrack made them think twice about that. As the description of the YouTube video says – ‘stupid is as stupid does’.

Considering this photo journalist’s recent documentary series about the modern KKK though, it seems like they’re pretty much a laughing stock these days anyway. Long may it continue.

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