The True Scale Of Pablo Escobar’s Wealth Is Absolutely Mindblowing


Pablo once (literally) burnt $2 million dollars just to keep his daughter warm.

Pablo Escobar was undoubtedly the richest criminal in history and it was estimated that he was worth around $30 billion at the high of his power.

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I’ve probably heard that number banded around in the past, but I’ve never really thought about how much $30 billion actually is, just obviously that it’s an insanely huge amount of money. The video below puts this into visual terms and well, let’s just say that it’ll probably blow your mind how much this guy was earning:

Wow. What an absolutely insane operation and what a killer amount of money. It absolutely is completely mental when this guy puts it into words.

I suppose you’ve got to hand it to old Pablo, he absolutely nailed it with all that money didn’t he? If you want to find out more about Escobar, then check out the trailer for the second series of Narcos. Coming soon.


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