This Trucker Used An Interesting – And Offensive – Method Of Stopping Refugees Boarding His Wagon

Is this crossing the line?

A video has popped up of a pretty interesting method of a trucker stopping stowaways from getting onto the back of his lorry. And it’s not very PC.

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The UK-bound lorry driver identified that the majority of people trying to hop a ride are Muslim, so he decided to use that angle against them – and stick pork to the handles of the lorry doors.

The German 18-wheeler truck driver took desperate measures. Drivers caught bringing in illegal immigrants can get huge fines and into a lot of shit.

But is his method actually useless? Eating pork is forbidden in Islam, so I can KIND OF see why he did it, but the rules on just touching the meat are a lot less clear. Plus, when you take into account what these people are fleeing, it’s likely that they’re prepared to remove to pork to open the door in desperation.

While the EDL and Britain First bellends might share the video and laugh at it, and left wingers and PC brigade might condemn it, he’s done it for a reason. Which is kind of sad on both parts – his and the refugees.

It could be worse, at least he isn’t a shithouse like this reporter. 


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