This Trucker Found Love After Texting Number Written On Toilet Wall Offering A ‘Good Shag’

Love at first shit.

A 51-year-old trucker has found love after contacting a number scrawled in graffiti on a public toilet wall – which wasn’t even written by the lady herself.

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In fact a spiteful ex-boyfriend had listed Donna Roberts’ number on the wall alongside this message:

If you want a good shag call Donna on . . .


Mark Ellis sent Donna a message ‘as a joke’ (sure mate) saying, “Hi. What are you up to?”

The confused secretary replied: “Who is this?” prompting the pair to strike up a conversation and meet a few days later.

Incredibly, they’re now in love.

Donna, of Brighouse, West Yorkshire, says:

I should thank my ex — he did me a favour.

It was days be­fore he told me how he got my number.

I was stunned. I had to get a new phone so no one else could ring.

Mark says:

I was curious to know if it was a real human being. We still laugh about it.



Just an absolutely bonkers way to meet the love of your life. I mean how drunk/horny was Mark that he actually texted that number? Guy must’ve been WASTED. Bet if there was a glory hole in that toilet he’d have stuck his dick through it and all – no questions asked.

And what about Donna? Some guy rings you out of the blue saying he got your number from a pub toilet and you’re like “oh cool, let’s meet up!” Crazy. I know women like to be flattered but the odds are you’re talking to some middle-aged, bald, lonely drunk trucker with yellow teeth. You don’t want a guy like that do you? Oh, wait…

Let’s just hope Mark never finds himself in these pub toilets in Devon. Then again – could be right up his alley.


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