A Truck Carrying Thousands Of Bees Crashed On The Motorway And OH SHIT Here’s The Aftermath

Worst nightmare material.

A truck carrying thousands of bees crashed on a motorway (Interstate 15) in Pocatello, Idaho the other day, resulting in a whole bunch of bees buzzing around all over the place and causing multiple crashes in the minutes that followed.

The truck driver, who was taken to hospital for treatment, says he hit a concrete barrier under an overpass while he was reaching for something in his truck.

Anyway, someone flew a drone out over the scene because I guess no one fancied heading over there in person.

Here’s what it captured:

I think I speak for everyone when I say — NOPE. That is absolute shit ton of bees. What I want to know is how do you clean this up? Do you recapture the bees?  Do you just wait until they go away? Absolute nightmare situation if you live anywhere in Pocatello.

Maybe the best bet is bringing this guy in to deal with them – bees love him.


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