Dude Tripping Balls In Amsterdam Eats Pepper Spray And Bites Police Dog (VIDEO)

This guy’s lucky he didn’t get his face ripped off.

As the cameraman astutely points out, this guy is tripping total balls and as you’ll see, whatever he’s taken has got him feeling completely untouchable.

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The reality is though he’s moments away from being ravaged by a police dog and taken down the clink:

And that right there is why I don’t mess with psychedelics. I just don’t trust my brain enough to not end up in the middle of Amsterdam, ranting and raving like a lunatic, taking a face full of pepper spray and growling at a police dog. You want to put someone off trying bath salts or whatever this guy’s on? Just show them this video.

Alternatively, show them this video of a naked guy tripping on acid and smashing his neighbour’s windows st 3AM.


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