This Guy Made The Triple Double/6 Barrel Shotgun By Taping Three Shotguns Together

Triple Double Shotgun

I love it when these guys make a new video.

You’ve got to love it when Demolition Ranch make a new video because it just takes America’s love of guns to a completely absurd level and most importantly, even though it’s completely stupid, they’re never actually that dangerous.

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In this episode, the guys have decided to tape up three double barrelled shotguns together in order to make a six barrelled shotgun that they’re calling ‘The Triple Double’. It’s like something out of a superhero movie that the big bad guy would wield.

Can you imagine what would happen if he actually fired them at the same time? I’m pretty sure the recoil would send the guns to the other end of his chest, right?

That guy is just completely and utterly crazy isn’t he? What the heck is he going to do next to top this? I dread to think but it’ll probably be a trip right?

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