Having A Bad Trip On Shrooms Is Really Good For Your Mental Health

Magic mushrooms

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A bad mushroom trip can be a truly hellish experience. Speaking from experience, mushrooms have never agreed with me and I have only ever suffered the nightmare world that becomes reality after eating magic mushrooms.

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However, despite the few hours of hell that you might have to endure during a bad trip, turns out that in the long-run you might be doing yourself a favour. According to a new paper in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, 84% of users who had suffered a bad trip believe that they benefited psychologically in the long-term. The results suggest that the consequences of a bad one may be less dire than once thought.

Magic mushrooms

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Other findings to this survey showed that 34% of people considered the bad trip to be one of the most meaningful experiences of their lives, while a similar number considered it one of their most spiritual experiences. And 46% said they’d do it again.

This doesn’t mean that you should immediately drop your therapist and replace the sessions with edgy psychedelics. What it does mean is that perhaps more controlled tests should be conducted to work out the mental benefits that can be derived from hallucinogenics.

Or you could just give a load of mushrooms to your 61-year-old mum, set up a camera and watch her mind slowly unravel. Much more fun.


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