Transgender Woman Trapped In The Closest After Date’s GF Comes Home Early (VIDEO)

Woman in closet


We’ve got an absolutely incredible video for you today. It’s been doing the rounds on the internet with not much information other than the footage allegedly shows a transgender woman getting trapped in the closet after her date’s girlfriend comes home early.

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The guy in the video seems like a complete and utter asshole. Not only is he cheating on his girlfriend with what sounds like someone he met on POF (dating website Plenty Of Fish), but he can also be seen in the video pushing his girlfriend to the bed when she gets angry with him. All the while his poor date is sat trembling in the closet.

I can’t believe this guy was even trying to salvage his relationship with that poor woman in the cupboard. She made the right choice – getting out of there quick time. What an escape that was.

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