Tory MP Claims They Have Been Raped And Blackmailed After Coming Out As Trans

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The idea of a Tory MP coming out as transgender is enough to make some people’s brains explode, but that’s exactly what’s happened today as Tory MP Jamie Wallis shared a highly personal statement to their Twitter account. Here’s what the Conservative MP for Bridgend & Porthcawl had to say:


Wow. That sure sounds like a lot to deal with so fair play to Jamie Wallis for having the guts to come out and share it with the world. Probably a bit of a W for the Tory party as well as it diversifies their membership and representation a little bit especially as we head into a political cycle where many feel the transgender debate (especially surrounding single sex spaces and sports) will be a key issue. I think we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from Jamie Wallis in the near future. Go Jamie Go!

For the comedian currently under investigation for a ‘transphobic’ joke he told at a London comedy club, click HERE.


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