A Transgender Teen Is Having A ‘Penis Farewell Party’ Before Her Gender Reassignment Surgery


It’s becoming more and more common these days for parents to throw gender reveal parties when they find out the sex of their unborn child, so naturally the transgender population are arguing that they should do the same before they go into surgery for gender reassignment.

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This is how the mother of popular YouTuber and LGBT activist Jazz Jennings sees it anyhow. 18 year old Jazz is having her gender confirmation surgery shortly and her mother wanted to try and lessen the worry that something could go wrong before it by having a big party to celebrate.

Jeannette Jennings explains:

I wanted to do this party because I want to have fun with the idea that Jazz is having surgery.

This is not fun, there’s nothing fun about this, but laughter is the best medicine. Jazz is having the surgery; let’s not freak out; let’s say goodbye to her old penis.

Jazz herself completely backed the idea, saying the following in a speech at the party:

I just wanted to thank you all for coming to this farewell penis party.

For 17 and a half years, I have lived with this body part that I have not wanted.

And even though I’ve grown to love my penis for what it is, I’m happy to say goodbye. So let’s cut it off.

I mean yeah fair enough I suppose. It’s a bit out there sure, but if they’re all enjoying it and it isn’t hurting anyone then why not? Maybe we’ll see this become more of a thing as the transgender community becomes more accepted in the wider world. Here’s hoping.

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