Here’s Another Trailer For True Detective Season 3 And It Looks Completely Sick

True D

Back in 2014, True Detective was one of the best new television shows that anyone had ever seen but unfortunately the second season failed to hit the high standards set by the first.

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That aired back in the summer of 2015 and creator Nic Pizzolato decried to really take his time with the third season to ensure that it wasn’t another critical and commercial dud. Judging by the trailer and the cast that he’s assembled for it, it looks as though it’ll be worth the wait as the new series follows Oscar winner Mahershala Ali across three different time periods as he tries to solve the grisly abduction of two children in the Ozarks.

I mean yeah that isn’t really giving us much of a hint as to what the whole things about, but it certainly looks dramatic doesn’t it? To be honest it probably is already guaranteed to be better than season 2 solely based on the trailer alone, so it’s safe to say we’re excited for January 19th here. Can’t come soon enough.

For more True Detective, check out an extended look at the plot of season 3 here. Nicely.


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