The Trailer For New Horror Film ‘The Monster’ Will Make You Cry


Don’t look behind you.

It’s been a great year for horror movies and it shows no signs of letting up with another trailer dropping this week for a movie that looks creepy as fuck.

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The movie is called ‘The Monster’ and it’s directed by Brian Bertino who scared the shit out of us eight years ago with home invasion thriller ‘The Strangers’. Not sure if he’s been working on this for the entire eight years since then, but it looks damn spooky, so he very well might have been.

The storyline basically involves two girls breaking down in the middle of the night in a creepy as hell wood, where it looks like some weird monster is out to kill them. There’s a lot of dread and foreboding in the recently released trailer:

Yep, that looks freaky as fuck doesn’t it? And what the hell is with that monster – it looks genuinely unnerving? I hope you don’t ever actually get to see it throughout the movie because that would make it even scarier. Definitely checking this out though when it drops later this year.

If this didn’t scare you then why not check out the trailer for Rob Zombie’s new movie ’31’? Guaranteed to freak you out.


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