Traffic Light Pong

Pong Traffic Light Game

Don’t you just hate how flat and dull our rat-race lives sometimes feel? Well over in Germany they’re trying to make day-to-day life a little more bearable. Check out what they have done to their traffic lights!

Pong Traffic Light Game

Here in the UK our commute to work is usually a horrifying experience, one that we must do over and over again, every day, until we have a massive meltdown or brain aneurism, and ultimately decide to change lifestyle (a.k.a find a new shitty job in a new shitty town). In our busy lifestyles we find ourselves ranting and raving behind the wheels of cars; narrowly avoiding certain death at almost every junction and roundabout; we find ourselves smashing our faces into the bathroom mirror every morning, despising every god-given second of life; and we also find ourselves as pedestrians, shuffling through suited and booted twats as they head to their fancy conference meetings to get their dicks sucked by Alsatian dogs. Yes, the rat-race life we’ve engineered for ourselves here on our fair island can get pretty fvcking grim.

It doesn’t have to be like this though, and you don’t even need to head over to the turquoise oceans of the Caribbean to realise it. No, as a matter of fact, even here in Northern Europe where the weather behaves like a bit of a cunt, if people take a more jovial approach to life, our stress-educing days can be brightened up at every corner of our cities, towns and villages.

Over in Germany some lovely people came up with a fun little way to pass the time as you wait to cross the street. You can now play the classic game Pong with a fellow pedestrian across the road while you wait for safe passage…much more pleasant than the bitter wait for our Little Green Man as everyone attempts to avoid eye contact and any other form of social interaction. Check out the video below; the bloke meets a friendly chick on the other side of the street, waves her down, and high-fives her across the road. I think if I tried to do this in London I’d get ridiculed, or worse yet, beaten to a bloody pulp.

Credit to our friends over in the Fatherland then, because we would never get anything this cool here amongst our grey, envious, and futile lives in the UK.

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