Tough Mudder Is Adding Tear Gas To Its List Of Torture Devices

Tough Mudder just got that little bit tougher.

Feel like pushing yourself a little bit harder this year? Looking for something immense and physical to dedicate yourself to? Well if so you may be happy to hear that Tough Mudder is adding tear gas to its obstacle courses, which already include plenty of mud, electric shocks, freezing water and rings of fire.

Lead obstacle designer Nolan Kombol says:

The tear gas invokes the feeling of having Sriracha poured into every one of our tiny cuts and abrasions.

Sports Illustrated’s Austin Murray tried the new ‘Cry Baby’ course out and described it as “a tent filled with tear gas” that you just run through. He summed it up as “shocking” – nuff said.

Tough Mudder London South Sat

Why would you not just run a marathon or take up cycling or something instead? I don’t know, I guess some people just need to go to the extreme. More power to them. The only thing is that Tough Mudder is noq going to have to up their game every year. They’ve already got electrocution devices, freezing water, mud, fire, tear gas, so where do we go from here? Lava? Man-made hurricanes? Shark tanks?

Good luck to anyone at Tough Mudder this year. Hopefully you don’t end up like the guy who nearly hung himself on an electric cable (but send us the footage if you do).


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