Touchscreen Makes A Fool Of This Newscaster

This newscaster is made to look like an absolute n00b by the terrible touchscreen software he has to work with. Let’s all point and laugh.

Sometimes touchscreen is hard. My old phone was an LG P-500 and it was pretty awful. I reckon I racked up a total of about 5 hours devoted solely to zooming in and out and moving around webpages. But the good thing was that when my phone was making me look like a time-portalled caveman, no one was watching. And if someone was watching, I was allowed to get angry and swear my head off at the phone and LG and Android and whichever little prick out there designed the software. Seriously mate, if you’re out there, fvck you.

This guy isn’t so lucky. Firstly, he’s got at least hundreds of thousands watching the original broadcast, which nowadays translates into millions watching the snipped clip on YouTube and various sniggering internet sites, so the pressure’s really on. And secondly, he’s not allowed to bust his nut about it – he just has to plough on through, trying to persevere with this shitty technology he’s been given and remember his script at the same time.

He keeps his cool pretty well but I’d have had more respect for him if he’d just gone “Fuck this piece of crap.” and carried on without it. No one really cares about the news team showing off their fancy new way to show you the stats that they’re just gonna tell you anyway.

Another bonus is that he’s French (or French-Canadian, whatever, same thing), which for some reason makes it funnier. And it also means you can’t understand the stuff he’s saying about Gaza, which will give you a nice break from hearing about fvcking Gaza. Unless you speak French, in which case I apologise.


[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEldwhg5qOA’]


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