Top Countries That Allow Online Casinos


Irrespective of where in the world you look right now, there are three topics which are always under debate. LGBTQ rights, legalising drugs, and online casinos have been in the news over the recent years bringing about a slow, but steady change in the way people and governments think.

The impact of social media and the desire to do what one wants has led to alterations in the laws of various countries. Still, these three matters of discussion remain hotly contested with their pros and cons under a scanner at all times. Whether we talk about the most basic of human rights or the legalisation of online casinos and cannabis it stands true that most nations realise the benefits of these changes. Not only do some of them provide governments with a chance to monetise operations but it also gives the people the right to choose what is best for them.

Among the many nations that have opened up their doors to online casinos, some have been frontrunners carving a path for others to follow. By regulating online casinos, they have provided customers with confidence to indulge in their favourite pastime without any worries. While more nations debate, it’s important to see how well the following countries have maintained online gaming operations that allow gamers to earn money and have fun at the same time.


Who would have thought that an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea would be the most liberal when it comes to online casinos? Having legalised online gambling in the 90s, Malta is by far one of the most prominent nations when it comes to licencing casinos. As a result, there a plethora of options for players in the region. What this means is that in the end, it is the gamblers who are in a win-win situation as competing online casinos are more than likely to offer higher online bonuses to attract customers. The fact remains, no matter where in the world you are, be is Malta or Canada, always check for the bonuses and promotions because that is one of the most significant advantages of playing online.


Canada is very vocal when it comes to providing its citizens with the rights to play and enjoy life as they wish. Both land-based and online casinos, although regulated in the country, are available in large numbers. For a player planning to register with an online casino, the abundance of options can be a little intimidating. Choosing the right casino is essential. It is recommended to read reviews and check up all the offerings of an online casino before joining. Jackpot City Casino is among the most popular in Canada with a $1600 welcome bonus that puts gamblers with a profit from the get-go. Moreover, the casino is available on a mobile site and app making it truly versatile and easy to play.


Some of the top life-changing online slot winners have come from Scandinavian countries which would not have been possible if online gambling was not legal there. For a newcomer, it is always best to go through some tips before hitting an online casino, but if you are an investor looking to start an online casino business, know that Denmark is still quite strict when it comes to opening new casinos. For the customer though, there are already options aplenty, and that’s what matters in the end.


Bulgaria is one of the most unusual of places to allow gambling. Many people assume the contrary, but the nation legalised online casinos in 2009. Bulgaria is still taking its time, adapting to the notion of gaming, but investments have started to come in with businesses wanting to eat a piece of the cake. It’s not long now before we see some seriously good homegrown online casinos from Bulgaria make a mark on the world stage.


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