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A virtual casino is a place where you can not only relax mentally and physically, but also make good money. Especially if you’re lucky and on a roll with fortune. These are the players who hit the casino jackpot and are among the top 5 winners of the biggest winnings in online casinos.

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1. Australia, 2016

Gaming software manufacturer Microgaming has played an important role in the life of a young Australian. In the machine of this particular brand (Dark Knight to be exact) in the spring of 2016 the guy hit one of the jackpots (there were four in total) and received from the virtual casino $7.85 million. Interestingly, fortune smiled on him from the second spin. After such a win the popularity of the slot machine has increased significantly. But today new casinos for australian players rarely represent the Dark Knight. The reason for that is the end of the license. The slot is no longer served by the Microgaming brand. Therefore, Australians now have to try their luck on other slots.

2. Greece, 2009

Even before the Australian jackpot, a 36 year old Greek entrepreneur snapped up the big one. In 2009 he decided to spend an hour in a virtual casino and play the Mega Moolah, which was popular at the time. The game was profitable enough – the man hit the jackpot of $8.6 million.

After his victory and winning, the young entrepreneur advised all the players “Do not lose hope, because one day life can completely change. These words are still relevant today, because the Mega Moolah slot is still among the 100 most popular slot machines. Today it supports best live casino not on gamstop and continues to delight gambling fans with good payouts. For example, in 2018, the jackpot generated in this slot was over $18 million. It has been fully played and paid out

3. Norway, 2011

The casino game was also a momentous one for the young Norwegian. Because of insomnia he decided to spin a couple of reels in his favourite Mega Fortune slot. The only thing the player expects – to bore his brain monotonous action and quicker fall asleep. But something went wrong and instead of a good night’s sleep Norwegian got 11.7 million euros! As the winner later said, he could not believe that all this was happening in reality, and eventually did not fall asleep. Indeed, how can you sleep, when you have a Guinness World Records sum on your account! As of 2011 it was the largest winnings in online casinos. But this title he kept for a short time..

4. UK, 2015

The year 2015, Mega Moolah, already familiar to many people, and 25 cents bets, is roughly how the story of one of the biggest winnings in virtual casinos began. There is no exact date of what happened. All that is known is that in early October, a British soldier decided to spend a small amount on the online reels. In order not to immediately finish the game, he made small bets – 25 cents. And all would not be a problem if one of the spins did not bring him a win of $ 17.2 million!

Such a sum, obtained by an ordinary soldier, immediately became the cause for the creation of numerous articles, investigative journalism and interviews. There was even a rumour that the guy had spent almost all the money on his father’s medical treatment. But subsequent investigations cast doubt on this version. There was nothing wrong with the young man’s father. The British guy seems to have mismanaged his money and made up a nice story to avoid being seen as a loser.

5. Finland, 2013

The largest jackpot in the history of online casinos snapped 40-year-old man from Finland. He played Mega Fortune. And his fortune was indeed “Mega Strong”: the minimum bet of 50 cents he hit the jackpot of $ 24 million. Fin himself commented on his winnings in short: “I cried and laughed at the same time. And no wonder, not every day you fall into your pocket 24 million. And without much effort (both physical and financial). To date, no one has been able to beat the 2013 record. But big jackpots are being hit regularly.

Large jackpots are not uncommon in the history of virtual casinos. Here they fall considerably more often than in offline establishments. This is not surprising – the number of players on online services is many times greater. Even small bets (the same 25 cents that the Briton played for in 2015) form a good pot. In order to maintain their popularity and attract more visitors, casinos regularly hold large jackpot draws. Try your luck in them and you can. It’s likely that your story will someday add to this list and lead to more articles, investigations, exposés…



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