Top 5 Gym Fails

Gym Fail

From retard rowers to throwing up your breakfast – here’s our top 5 gym fails.

Gym Fail

Everyone knows the usual gym fails that we all know of, and probably all have experienced a few times throughout our gym careers. Like not taking a spare pair of pants for instance, and not realising until after you’re completely drenched in sweat and stink of sweaty arse. This can be extra embarrassing when you have to put your grey suit back on and head back to the office, either commando or with a very, very sweaty ass crack.

This article is more about epic fails that occur in the gym itself and involve the gym equipment.

One of the most epic gym fails I’ve ever seen myself was when one jumped on the back of some complete stranger’s treadmill because there wasn’t any free. The guy who was originally on the treadmill started freaking the fvck out, as you would, but the two carried on running together for a good ten minutes. It was intense viewing.

Fails can occur all over the gym, but especially in the weight room when hench brehs try and lift too many weights. Here’s our hand picked selection of epic gym fails to see you through your afternoon:

1. WTF Exercise

Um, what exactly is this woman doing? It looks like some kind of weird yoga position you’d bust out in one of those weird bikram yoga classes. Most definitely not something that you should be doing on a bar, in the weights room, while someone’s got their camera out.

Gym Fail Rating: 5/10

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2. Retard On A Rowing Machine

I absolutely hate rowing machines, can’t stand the things. After just one minute I’m bored out of my skull and wold rather have my balls trapped between two weights. But I love it when there’s retards on the rowing machines, just like this prick who doesn’t have a clue about life, quite obviously.

Gym Fail Rating: 9/10

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3. Breakfast Squats

Now this is something that’s new to me, throwing up while performing an extremely strenuous exercise. I’ve been close to barfing on many occasions in the gym, usual when I’m hungover and walking to the gym, it really isn’t a pleasant experience. This dude takes it to the next level though, throwing up his guts during a squat competition (mega gay).

Gym Fail Rating: 7/10

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4. Weights Face Plant

Now this is just spectacular. The guy deadlifts some big ass weight and then passes out straight after. Not only did he pass out, he face planted a rack of weights. Not only did he pass out straight after and face plants a rack of weights, his buddy filmed it and put it on YouTube. Priceless.

Gym Fail Rating: 10/10

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5. Treadmill Disaster

Talk about double whammy fvck up or what! First up this dude stacks it hard on the treadmill, then he competes with the guy above by launching at frightening speed into some weights. THAT’S GONNA HURT BUDDY!

Because treadmill fails are the creme de la creme of gym fails, here’s a video of a few minutes of the beauties. The guy we’re on about above is at 0:16.

Gym Fail Rating: Get This Guy An Ambulance

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