Top 100 Goals Of 2012

Zlatan Ibrahimovich

You’re probably hungover and in no state to move right now so why not enjoy the top 100 goals of the year 2012.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich

So as you’re reading this you’re probably going to be pretty hungover, or maybe you’ve rolled over from last night and you’re still going for it but either way you’re probably not going to be in too good a state unless you’re one of those pussies who doesn’t do anything for New Year’s Eve, or has a shandy or something and just goes home after the bell hits 12. It’s a New Year and a new start you know, so you have really just got to go crazy on New Year’s Eve so that you can spend the next two weeks ploughing on with your resolutions to eat better, go to the gym more and drink less before you promptly forget about them and return to your previous lifestyle. That’s how it goes for everyone right?

Whatever state you’re in and whatever your new year’s resolutions (should that be capitalised?) are though you should be able to enjoy this video, provided you enjoy football. It’s the top 100 goals of 2012 and boy are there some crackers in it. I have to give respect to Lorma96 (who is probably 16 and with this video has depressingly probably accomplished more in his life already than I ever will in mine) who made this video because normally when a video like this crops up it will just be 100 goals and they’re not in any order or anything, but this dude has actually ranked ALL the goals so they actually get better as you watch the 17 minute long video. It isn’t really surprising what the number one goal of the year is but it’s nice to see that two goals that were highlighted here on Sick ChirpseFabrizio Miccoli’s outrageous long range volley and Gaston Mealla’s incredible rainblow flick or whatever the hell it is called (pretty sure I featured this but can’t find a link for it, bummer) – made it into the top 10. But yeah, chances are you won’t be feeling so hot today so feel free to sit back and waste another 17 minutes in bed checking out these goals. You’ve got the whole rest of the year (two weeks) to make good on those resolutions, don’t worry about it.

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