The Ferenc Puskas Award – FIFA Nominate The Top 10 Goals Of 2012

Ferenc Puskas Award

It’s time for FIFA’s yearly rundown of the top 10 goals scored in 2012 for the prestigious Ferenc Puskas award. Messi and Falcao both feature, and of course there are some absolute bangers in there. But which one is your favourite?

Ferenc Puskas Award

The Ferenc Puskas award is cool and we’ve covered it on Sick Chirpse since we first started. It basically honours the great man Ferenc Puskas by picking the top 10 goals scored in the calendar year (kinda lame how no goals from December are going to be included, but whatever I guess they probably roll it over to next year’s award, even though they’re pretty specific about it being the ‘calendar year over at FIFA)  and then eventually picking the number one goal of the year. It’s surprisingly only been running for four years but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the football related competitions that Sick Chirpse look forward to ever year. There’s also actually quite a cool grading system of how you pick a goal too, it’s not just some retard saying ‘oh I think that one’s better than this one you doofus’ to pick the winner. Here’s the criteria:

1) aesthetics (a subjective criterion — long-range shots, team moves, acrobatic goals etc)

2) the importance of the match (an objective criterion — in descending order: national teams, continental tournaments, domestic first divisions)

3) the absence of luck or an opposition mistake as a factor making the goal possible

4) fair play: the player must not have conducted himself poorly during the game or, for example, have been found guilty of doping

Previous winners have included C. Ronaldo (2009), Hamit Altintop (2010) and Neymar (2011). You can check out those bangers below. I think Hamit Altintop’s is the best just because he absolutely smashes it and it’s one of those awesome volleys from a corner, but there’s not denying the other two are completely sick too.

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Bangers right? Here are the nominations for this year’s Ferenc Puskas Award. I’ll let you know which one I think is the best at the end and you should probably pay attention if you want to put a bet one because I picked out Hamit Altintop’s as one of my top two in 2010 and picked Neymar last year, so I think i know what I’m talking about.

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1) Hatem Ben Arfa for Newcastle V Bolton 

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2) Gaston Maella (Nacional Potosi) v The Strongest (This is fvcking INSANE tekkers)

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3. Radamel Falcao (Atletico Madrid) v America de Cali

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4. Olivia Jimenez (Mexico) v Switzerland (A woman, seriously!?) 

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5. Lionel Messi (Argentina) v Brazil

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The next 5 goals are on the next page.

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