Tony Hawk Lands 720 At Age 52, Says It Might Be His Last One (VIDEO)

Tony Hawk rules.

The hardest thing most of us put our bodies through every day is getting out of bed, but Tony Hawk is still out there busting moves at the skate park every day at 52 years of age, even with the beating his body has taken over the years.

This week he posted a video of himself landing a 720 (two full rotations) for the first time in years and acknowledged that it’s probably one of the last times he’ll complete the trick:

What a badass. He wasn’t just showing off either, he was doing it for charity:

What an absolute legend. Just grinding away at the skate park, failed attempt after failed attempt, wondering if time is truly catching up with him, but then he finally lands it and makes some money for charity on top of it all. Even the way he’d fall down the ramp when he got it wrong looked cool! Tony Hawk rules and will continue to rule forever from the looks of it.

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