Extreme Right-Wingers Cock Up Massively With Photo Of Sadiq Khan’s Wife



London’s new mayor Sadiq Khan has been dealing with Islamophobic comments since, well, before he actually became mayor last week, including claims he was going to turn London into ‘Londonistan’.

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His #1 hater is possibly former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, who now runs the UK branch of anti-Muslim group Pediga.

Yesterday he thought he’d found evidence that Sadiq Khan’s wife Saadiya had hidden the fact she wore a hijab until after the elections in order to deceive people that she wasn’t a hardcore Muslim.

Just one problem though – the woman in his ‘after’ photo is actually Sarah Joseph, a campaigner for Labour and CEO of a media group. Whoops:

Other right-wing groups like YoungCons ran with the story anyway, claiming it was evidence that Khan was a typical politician trying to deceive the people:

Londoners may not have known what they got into after electing their first Muslim Mayor.


Journalist Sunny Hundal described the mistake as the “best internet conspiracy yet” saying:

Turns out that blind hatred can make you go crazy…who knew?! (we did)

Just goes to show you always need to check your facts before you try to smear someone, otherwise you end up looking very silly indeed.

As for Khan, it remains to be seen whether he can deliver on his policies, which do sound pretty good to be fair. I don’t think anyone needs to worry about him being an undercover extremist since he did vote in favour of gay marriage a while back, which actually had extremist Muslims protesting against him. Not to mention the guy was a human rights lawyer, which you don’t become unless you’re a decent human being.

No matter how you feel about the guy, he won the elections by a landslide and so has earned the right to prove himself. Let’s see how it goes.

P.S. Never forget:




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