Tommy Robinson Accidentally Recorded Himself Getting Angry At His Wife And Posted It On His Instagram Story

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson is a controversial character with a sea of people either loving him or hating him, but I think that they might agree on the fact that it’s not that cool of him to get angry and swear at his wife, as he did in some footage he accidentally posted on his Instagram story last night.

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The footage began with him eating a delicious (English) chicken burger and then the next update was a black screen with him and his wife arguing about a phone charger and said chicken burger being in her car making a mess. Robinson loses his rag a bit and swears at her before it fades out.

He’s obviously deleted it now but fortunately the Metro ripped it and embedded it in their own player:

OK that wasn’t really that bad from Robinson I’ve gotta admit, he just seemed calm and firm and you’ve gotta think it probably was kinda annoying that his wife wouldn’t just hand him the phone charger. It’s still kinda jokes that he accidentally recorded it though and posted it on his Instagram story – you’ve gotta lock your keys man, everyone knows that. Brexit isn’t gonna help you remember that.

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