Tom Hanks’ Son Is A College Rapper

We bring you Tom Hanks’ son and his rip-off rapping skills…

We all know who Tom Hanks is…

Now meet his son Chet, aka, Chet Haze: ‘Born and raised on the West Side of the Westside’s main city LA, Chet grew up an enthusiast of the rap game. He is an up and coming MC with a flow that does California proud, partnered with lyrical intelligence that complements his attendance at Northwestern University.’

A flow that is more about MARIJUANA and LADIES than college life:

“White kicks / Purple kush / This is college, hittin’ blunts after hittin’ books,”

“Got a call from the brothers in the frat house / I’m with my girl, tryin’ to get up under that blouse / She a freshman / She a freak though / In the bed, but a lady in the street, yo” (rip-off Ludacris much?).

In fact, it’s a flow that isn’t his at all, check out his single: ‘White and Purple’, a rip-off of Wiz Khalifa’s hit ‘Black and Yellow’ and  Mo Greene’s ‘White & Purple (NU Anthem 2010)’:

He may not get much praise for this, but at least it’s being tipped to be ‘a campus banger sure to have the kids going nuts at the next keg party.’ So pretty much Asher Roth for 2011.


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