Everybody loves Tom Hanks right? Did you know he was a great dancer though? And can also bust some shapes whilst giving the weather forecast in Spanish?

Everyone loves Tom Hanks right? Whether it’s Big, Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, Sleepless in Seattle or any of his other numerous movies, pretty much everyone has got a soft spot for Tom Hanks, or at least will admit to loving at least one Tom Hanks movie. So what does this mean? It means that when you have a new movie coming out (Larry Crowne) and need to promote to an audience who’s language that you don’t speak,you can just do crazy things like dance the weather forecast instead. The segment starts when Tom Hanks – wearing a suit – is surrounded by four Spanish presenters talking to him in Spanish. Tom Hanks clearly doesn’t know what they’re saying and is just kinda smiling and laughing and playing along with it. Then he mentions something about going on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and subsequently decides to go and dance the weather forecast with a hot Spanish (Mexican?) weather girl.

This might not sound that great but Tom Hanks is a great dancer and he kills the weather report. Only problem is really is that some Spanish guy is overdubbing everything Tom Hanks says in Spanish – and I’m pretty sure judging by the amount of laughs and stupid dancing that whatever Tom Hanks says is hilarious so I kinda wanted to hear it. But the clip is worth watching just for Tom Hanks’ awesome dancing. It’s even funnier how the weather babe starts copying Tom Hanks’ dance moves – ‘Buenas Maximas Tom Hanks!’ I’m not sure what Univision is – I’m guessing it’s a Spanish language channel for Americans as they’re doing the weather for the U.S. but if they have segments like this all the time maybe it’s worth tuning in. Check this out, it really needs to be seen to be believed! If only Tom Hanks’ son was as good at rapping as his dad is at dancing huh?


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