Tom DeLonge Promises To Post The First Ever Declassified Videos Of UFOs In The Next Few Days

Tom D

Looking forward to this.

The journey of former Blink 182 guitarist Tom DeLonge into either the heights of greatness or the depths of madness has been well documented on these pages, as he decided to trade in a career in music for one hunting for aliens and being a complete weirdo instead.

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A few weeks ago, DeLonge made the confusing announcement that he had formed the To The Stars Academy with a bunch of people that used to work for the government, in what seemed like a quest to build a UFO and find out more about aliens. Like I said, it was confusing.

Anyway, the next step along his journey is apparently to release the first ever declassified footage of a UFO to the world via his website in the coming days. Here’s the announcement, which is effectively an announcement about an announcement:

Well I mean, if this is true I suppose it’s pretty exciting news for anyone who has ever believed in aliens, but can we really believe that Tom DeLonge is going to be the man to finally reveal the existence of UFO to the world? Or is it more likely that we’re just going to get some grainy footage of a UFO that doesn’t really reveal anything and isn’t any better than anything we’ve ever seen before.

Yep, it’s probably going to be that isn’t it? Fantastic, but I’m sure I’ll still be tuning into these videos. If nothing else it’s fascinating to watch Tom DeLonge’s own personal journey. Can’t wait to see where he’ll end up – probably the moon.

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