Tom DeLonge Says If He Played Blink 182 Songs To Aliens It Would Start An Intergalactic War

Be careful Tom.

The world was shocked back in 2015 when Blink 182 announced that they had parted ways with guitarist Tom DeLonge so that he could start some kind of weird academy that would investigate the existence of aliens and to be honest I’m not certain anyone has ever recovered, least of all Tom DeLonge himself.

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Blink 182 themselves seemed to have moved on with former Alkaline Trio guitarist Matt Skiba though, but Tom is still talking about aliens and being a bit of a meff. He recently conducted an interview with the NME, where he talked about how he felt about everyone calling him crazy for hunting aliens, as well as why he thought Blink 182 would start an intergalactic war if it was played to extra terrestrials.

Here are some of the best quotes:

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People didn’t really understand why Blink and I had the issue. People didn’t understand the inner-workings of a band.

All they saw was that I’d left the band to go and chase aliens.

But at the time I couldn’t even tell my band members who I was meeting and working with – important people who don’t put themselves in the public.

So I had a long period of being groomed to take the shots and to take the bullets.

But I don’t care what people think because I know what’s coming; they’re gonna come back and say, ‘Sorry, man, for saying that – what do we do now?’

And I’ll say: ‘My team and I already have a plan for that.’

Everyone’s looking at Tom, going, ‘OK, he’s obviously lost his mind – he’s talking about monsters! What’s he talking about?’”

I have to brush aside what other people think of me and not think about it.

When I left Blink-182, it was the top trending topic on Twitter a couple times that month – and it was all negative. I developed a really thick skin.

Noone really knew what the facts were behind the scenes.

So I was really prepared, going into this, to not really give a sh*t about what people were saying.

Oh my gosh! I would have to play Angels & Airwaves to aliens because they would recognize the space-prog sound.

If I played Blink they wouldn’t get the jokes. They would probably get really offended and start an interplanetary war.

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Well I guess some of the stuff he’s saying there makes sense, although pretty much like in every interview the guy ever does, there’s still a hell of a lot of questions about just what the hell he’s doing and how it’s going to help find aliens or achieve anything remotely useful. At least we know that he’ll be playing them Angels And Airwaves when he does finally discover them though, right? Everything’s magic.

For more of the same, check him out claiming his life is in danger because of his knowledge of aliens. That was four years ago.


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